Student Support

Home Room Teacher System

Sanko Japanese Language School Tokyo has adopted a home room teacher system. Home room teachers provide warm and caring support to each student in relation to their studies, career paths and everyday life.

School Counselors

The Sanko Gakuen Group has installed school counselors at its schools. Professionals with backgrounds in psychology work together with students, discussing problems and concerns and providing advice and counseling to find a solution.

Scholarship System

Sanko Japanese Language School Tokyo offers students enrolled at the school for 6 months or more with an exemplary personal character and who achieve good academic results the opportunity to apply for a scholarship when moving on to another school for further education following graduation.

Japanese government (Monbukagakusho) Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students
30,000 yen / month(1 year)
Reservation Program for Japanese government (Monbukagakusho) Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students
48,000 yen / month(1 year)
LSH Asia Scholarship
100,000 yen(lump-sum)
Kyoritsu Maintenance Scholarship
60,000 yen / month(1 year)

Study Grant Dorm System

The Kyoritsu International Foundation can provide dormitories managed and operated by Kyoritsu Maintenance to international students at discounted rates.

Dorm Features
The head of the dorm and dorm mistress live on-site! Providing a safe environment and communication with the school
Meals are prepared by the head of the dorm and dorm mistress! Providing health and sickness management
Japanese and international students live together! International exchange between students and cultural experiences
Dorms are specially designed for students! Providing an ideal study environment

Support in finding part-time work

International students are able to work up to 28 hrs a week provided they acquire a “permit to engage in activity other than that permitted under their status of residence”.

Students can apply for this permit after entering Japan from the Immigration Bureau. School staff can discuss this option along with the student’s proficiency in Japanese once they have assimilated into life in Japan. Teachers can also help students find part-time work that suits their abilities etc.