What to like about Sanko Japanese Language School Tokyo! - The Sanko Gakuen network w opens a world of possibilities!

1.Acquire specialist skills and knowledge in Japanese & more!

In addition to Japanese language classes, students can also take classes in beauty, bridal, cooking & confectionery, sport, childcare, nursing and classes designed to help you pass university entrance exams etc. at vocational colleges and high schools etc. under the Sanko Gakuen Group, allowing students to acquire specialist skills and knowledge in the field of their choice.

2.Students have the opportunity to enter schools under the Sanko Gakuen Group (vocational colleges, junior colleges, universities) following graduation!

We provide a range of support for future studies at university or vocational college and career support etc. after graduation. Students can also progress to other schools under the SANKO GAKUEN Group for additional piece of mind.

3.Interact with other Japanese students!

regular international events

SANKO JAPANESE LANGUAGE SCHOOL TOKYO regularly plans events to enable students to interact with Japanese students, giving them the opportunity to get practical experience conversing with Japanese people.

4.Interact with senior international students!

Connect with other international students enrolled at vocational colleges

Students have the opportunity to hear stories about the fun of studying in Japan and Japanese culture from senior students. Students come from all around the world providing opportunities to learn about other countries, including perceptions and customs etc. We have created an environment where students can go to others for advice when they have trouble assimilating into life in Japan or experience other difficulties.

5.Can live in SANKO GAKUEN’s student dormitory!

30 minutes away from school, the dormitory is set with furniture and consumer electronics. Students can apply it for living in before coming in Japan so that they do not have to worry about the residence during their stay in Japan. By spending a lot of time together with the international classmates, students can realize it is easier to learn Japanese and make good friends.

Education policy at Sanko Japanese Language School Tokyo

With vocational colleges in the field of beauty, bridal, cooking & confectionery, nutrition, sport, childcare, nursing and healthcare to produce professional graduates to contribute to the further development of their own countries and the international community, Sanko Gakuen provides education in Japanese language proficiency and a range of other specialist Japanese skills and knowledge.

In our role as educators of future generations, Sanko Gakuen is committed to nurturing human resources capable of working in a broad range of fields, teaching them to express themselves efficiently using language and arming them with the specialist skills and knowledge they need to contribute to the creation of a new culture and the economic development of countries all over the world.

Sanko Gakuen Network – Expanding the possibilities following graduation
1 university, 1 junior college and 61 vocational colleges in 12 cities across Japan

Sanko Gakuen has a history spanning 30 years and has established 1 university, 1 junior college and 61 vocational colleges in 12 major cities across Japan.

These schools offer studies in a variety of fields, including beauty, bridal, tourism, cooking & confectionery, nutrition, sport, childcare, nursing and healthcare etc. with a large number of students studying to become beauticians, makeup artists, aestheticians, nail technicians, wedding planners, fashion stylists, chefs, pastry chefs, nutritionists, childcare workers, care workers, medical clerks, sports trainers or instructors etc.

One advantage of Sanko Japanese Language School Tokyo is that following graduation, we can give international students priority in providing them with an environment to continue their studies in a broad variety of fields.

Over 130,000 graduates from Sanko Gakuen Group schools are now working in industries,
including the beauty, bridal, confectionery, bakery and cooking industries

Lineup of fields you can study at Sanko Gakuen

Interviews with international students studying at a
Sanko Gakuen vocational college

LIN TZU CHI - Taiwan

My dream is to open a Café when I return to Taiwan. In order to learn patisserie skills, I decided to study abroad in Japan.

In SANKO Japanese Language School Tokyo, you can not only learn Japanese, but also communicate with other students and help each other through many events. On the other hand, you can also interact with other students under SANKO GAKUEN’s group and experience the practical class in vocational college. When I have free time I also go sightseeing in Tokyo with my friends. Experiencing the Japan’s culture and having a lot of fun while studying in this school.
The school where I enrolled is Tokyo Sweet & Café Vocational College, the same group as SANKO Japanese Language School Tokyo, so I feel really relieved to prepare for the entrance examination and the documents. While preparing the documents, I realized that my Japanese ability level was not enough. However, the teacher helped me with the document and practicing for the interview till the date of the examination. At the first time when I arrived in Japan, I felt so anxious, but after entering SANKO Japanese Language School Tokyo, the school made me really happy and I had fun every day during the life in Japan. In order to fulfill my dream, I will do my best during studying at the vocational college.

LIN TZU CHI - Taiwan

Hou Zhifen - Taiwan

All of my concerns about studying overseas were resolved during trial classes. I was inspired by the ambience of Shibuya which heightened my interest in fashion.

There are no vocational colleges dedicated to the beauty industry in Taiwan so I made the decision to study overseas to study in this field in Japan. I looked at several schools but chose Sanko due to the close relationship enjoyed by teachers and students that I saw during trial classes.

Hou Zhifen - Taiwan

Ma Baolan - China

Following graduation I hope to follow my dream to become a pastry chef. With encouragement from the teaching staff and my friends I was able to overcome the language barrier.

I had worked part-time making desserts and that formed the trigger to choosing this school. The language barrier was a concern for me in finding work in Japan and I almost gave up but was able to find employment with the company I wanted thanks to the encouragement from my teachers and friends.

Ma Baolan - China